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INNOAXE Technologies offers following services in Title Insurance:

Current owner search service includes searching the current vesting deed and all deeds leading back to the most recent out-of-family deed that is at least 24 months old. This service also includes copies of any open mortgages and assignments against the current owners, any judgments and liens against the current owners and current tax information.

A two owner search service provides current vesting deed and all deeds leading back to the prior owner’s warranty deed (two full value warranty deeds will be included in the search). This service also includes copies of any open mortgages and assignments against any owners found, any judgments and liens against those owners, and also tax assessment and current tax information.

A full search service provides current vesting deeds and all prior deeds leading back to 60 years or to a developer. This also includes copies of any open mortgages and assignments against any owners who have had ownership of the property in the past 60 years, any judgments and liens against those owners, and also tax assessments and current tax information.

Through this service, you will receive current property tax data on individual properties, an overview of the property tax assessment process, tax rates, tax exemptions granted by different cities, property assessment value, and other related services.

Apart from the Title report the buyer wants to know is there any other liens are posted on the property which needs to be payoff like, taxes, building permits, code violations etc., and allows you to find unrecorded liens, in addition to code violations, special assessments, utility, and open or expired permits issues that are associated with residential or commercial real estate. This is a critical part of the process, as there are often unknown or undisclosed fees, costs or other issues that impact a buyer post-closing.

MLS Covers below searches in the report:

  • Delinquent tax search up to 3 years
  • Building permits: open/expired
  • Code enforcement/zoning violations
  • Special assessments: unrecorded liens
  • Utilities: water, sewer, solid waste etc.

A lien search service is applicable when you search against a person rather than a property, trying to see any liens held against that person on all of their properties or responsibilities. You may be just looking for liens on a property without accounting for other factors, like judgements. A lien search can discover other properties; all liens cannot be found on a single property, since they are applicable to a person. For example, if there have been two owners on a property and both have liens against them, one may miss liens against the secondary owner.

A Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) search is conducted through the Secretary of State for any financing statements that may have been filed to perfect a lien on personal property in accordance with the Uniform Commercial Code. The search is conducted on the name(s) of the Debtor(s) as well as the location of the property.

The Trustee Sale Guarantee is an assurance specifically structured to meet the needs of a trustee or attorney contemplating the foreclosure of a Deed of Trust, Trust Indenture and HOA Lien. TSG protects trustees and the beneficiaries from consequences resulting from title record errors associated with the foreclosure proceedings.

The TSG is a title guarantee issued at the start of foreclosure. It assists the foreclosing beneficiary and trustee by delivering information needed to verify compliance with state foreclosure statutes. The TSG assures the following crucial information necessary to execute a valid foreclosure:

  • Current owner of record vesting
  • Judgments, liens and encumbrances
  • Priority of foreclosing mortgage
  • Bankruptcy case information
  • Property tax information
  • Parties required by law to be notified of foreclosure
  • Property address verification
  • Newspaper entities for publication

A litigation guarantee is essentially an insurance policy that is issued in favor of the attorney and the client in an action affecting land.  A decree in these types of action, like foreclosure of a lien, is only binding on the parties named as defendants which should be the same parties claiming an interest in the land. Therefore, it is important for the plaintiff to determine the existence and identify of all the parties that should be included in the lawsuit to obtain the objective of the litigation.  The typical litigation guarantee will set forth the lien holders so that the plaintiff will know which parties to include in the lawsuit.

The litigation guarantee then offers the plaintiff protection or insurance that they have named all of the relevant parties.  It also offers a view of lien priority so that the plaintiff can properly understand the priority of the liens affecting the property.

Legal and Vesting service provides full (not abbreviated) recordable legal description of the property along with vesting information, digitally generated from a recorded document and accompanied by the source recorded document image.

This service is an update of a title report to verify that no other postings have been filed against the subject property between the time of the original title search report and the recording of the Security Instrument and/or Mortgage/Deed of Trust.

Commitment Typing is the title search report in which the vesting, conveyance, mortgage, judgements, liens, taxes and legal description and all other information can be put together into commitment software to generate the final report.

A deed is a legal document necessary for every real estate transaction. Deeds transfer ownership of real estate from one party to another. A deed contains the names of the current owner and the new owner and a legal description of the property, and they may contain a signature of the person transferring the property. Different deeds exist, including grant deeds, quit claim deeds and warranty deeds. However, all deeds require the same basic elements. It is important to draft a legally effective and accurate deed because the doctrine of merger holds that all prior agreements executed prior to the deed merge into the deed.

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